Property Management

Because we are a versatile company, we can manage your property, do your accounting, and oversee building and repair needs from start to finish. There would be no need for you to call on separate entities to care for each category.
Our goal is to keep your investments safe and secure.
We commit ourselves to the pursuit of quality, excellence, fairness and value to the companies we manage and their tenants we serve.
Management of your property is done by:

* Prepare an inventory/property condition list for the tenant
to sign before moving in.

* Prepare an inventory/property condition list for the tenant
to sign before moving out ( which could entitle the landlord
additional compensation).

* Make periodic visits to property to check on site
conditions and to see if the tenant has any concerns.

* Preparation of legal forms for court – if necessary.



















To get you started:

* We determine your property values

* Point out unfavorable conditions and how to correct them.

* Point our favorable conditions and how to enhance them.

* Identify dangers/hazards (which could be a liability issue).

* Recommend needed repairs and/or decorating changes.
















Prepare project estimates:

* Receive and review quotes from reliable subcontractors,
making sure subcontractors possess worker’s comp and
liability insurance.

* Hire subcontractors who know and follow the safety rules.

* Oversee construction
























Management of your accounts:
* Invoice tenants.

* Collect and deposit rent payments.

* Pay vendors.

* Keep and provide accurate accounting.

* Provide accountant with year-end reporting and accounting.

* Provide quarterly reports for landlord.

* Provide information for annual workers comp and liability
insurance audits.

* Provide disaster recover service